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By Gabrielle

Hello again! In my previous 3 articles, I’ve touched on the basic requirements and effects of what organic means for our health and the planet’s health, but there is one huge benefit that we often forget to mention… Can you guess what it is? The taste!

Personally, I have yet to find fresh organic food that doesn’t taste delicious! You might wonder why organic food might taste better, and obviously, there can be many reasons for it, but this is my personal explanation for it. I strongly believe it is because of the guidelines and organic principles that the farmers adhere to, namely to work with the soil instead of against it. This creates a healthier soil containing more nutrients, and since these nutrients are needed to grow the food and have flavour, it can only taste better.

Also, from my own research, I believe organic food is typically harvested a bit later than most commercial non-organic productions. Why would this impact the taste? Well, eating fruits and vegetables when they are ripe will always have a dramatic impact on the taste. When these products must be transported over long distances they must be picked well before being ripe, so that by the time they reach your shopping cart they will look ripe. Unfortunately, the sooner you pick it, the less time it has to develop its nutrition and flavour. In fact, if you can get your hands on local organic fruits and vegetables, you will immediately taste the difference for yourself! That is one reason why eating in-season is always a good thing, organic or not. Produce in-season always tastes better because they can be picked when ripe since there is a short distance from the local farm to your grocery store or farmer’s market.

When you eat fresh organic produce, it awakens all 5 senses. You feel more connected to the earth, and where food comes from. Your eyes are first to discover the beauty of fresh organic ingredients, and then your hands. Of course, the best part is when you eat it, it’s like an explosion of flavour in your mouth! I have found this to be especially true with berries, like strawberries and blueberries. When I buy them out of season (imported) they often lack taste almost entirely. Then in the late summer when it is blueberry season in my area, the local organic blueberries are incredibly full of flavour. The difference is dramatic!

I often hear people who experience eating organic bananas for the first time as an amazing experience. “It tastes like bananas!”, they say. Isn’t that wonderful?

There is some debate about whether or not organic products truly taste better than their non-organic counterparts. Obviously, taste is very personal, and everyone might have a different opinion, but in any case, since we already know about the other benefits of supporting organic food, the taste is simply a bonus. I can say with certainty that in my experience, the taste has been better.

Last but not least, if you feel good about what you are eating, you will enjoy your food much more! Go organic! GoPure!