It’s the quality of each of the ingredients combined with Leclerc’s know-how that create the good taste of GoPure products.

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Experts in good taste

Experts in good taste

For over 110 years, Leclerc products have delighted connoisseurs.

Today, the same expertise has been applied to our delicious GoPure organic products.

Beyond being tasty, GoPure snacks allow you to enjoy all the good things that come from eating organic.

Deliciously organic.

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Our blogger


Gabrielle is a holistic nutritionist, food stylist, and photographer. She is the founder of, a bilingual food blog [...]

Your wellbeing is always on the menu.

The experts in our R&D department work closely with universities and research centers to challenge each other to be more inventive in creating products that consider and apply the latest nutritional discoveries.

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Your wellbeing is always on the menu